ComputerConsult specialises in converged networks transporting voice, data and video through our high-end switches from CISCO-Link etc. Enterprise class IP Solutions covering all seven layers of the OSI model is available under the same roof.
SCI provides networking solutions from CISCO, 3COM, Lucent, Brandrex, DLink using Structured Cabling Technology.
Our turnkey solutions include site survey, topology, configuration, recommendation & execution.
Our clientele include Muhimbili National Hospital, Barclays Bank, President Office, State House, Mbeya Cement, Axios Foundation, Plant International e amongst many
Structured Cabling
ComputerConsult offers complete turnkey solutions for your cabling requirement from planning and design to implementation and testing.
ComputerConsult provides Systimax SCS for Premises Distribution Systems (PDS) and Intelligent Building Systems (IBS) from Simons with comprehensive 15 years product and application Warranty granted by Simons- A solid investment protection.
Technologies include all transmission media i.e. Copper and Fibre, Wireless LAN available up to 11 Mbps, and transmission speeds of up to 1 Gbps on Copper and up to 10 Gbps on single mode zero dispersion fibre optic.

Other brands of Gigaspeed and fibre are available at ComputerConsult. They include Brandrex, Belden, Hubbel, Accton, D-Link, and PC-Net.

By Having the ability to view your business remotely via the internet can improve Customer Service, increase Employee Productivity and Suggestive Selling, eliminate Employee Theft and Vendor Theft, reduce False Liability Claims, drastically reduce both Shoplifting and Armed Robbery occurrences, and, perhaps most importantly, give a Peace Of Mind to business owners which until recently simply did not exist.

Whether you own a retail store, restaurant, car dealers or perhaps any SMALL, MID, or LARGE size business, the benefits of placing yourself in the business 24 hours a day (despite the fact that you may physically be thousands of miles away), so far outweigh the costs of digital surveillance
Computer Consult LTD offers IP Surveillance solution which is most advanced and which is purely in digital world technology. The solution is known as IP Camera or Network Camera,
A network camera can be described as a camera and computer combined in one unit. It captures and transmits live images directly over an IP network, enabling authorized users to locally or remotely view, store, and manage video over standard IP-based network infrastructure.
A network camera has its own IP address. It is connected to the network and has a built-in web server, FTP server, FTP client, e-mail client, alarm management, programmability, and much more. A network camera does not need to be connected to a PC; it operates independently and can be placed wherever there is an IP network connection. A Web camera, on the other hand, requires connection to a PC via a USB or IEEE1394 port and a PC to operate.
In addition to video, a network camera also includes other functionalities and information being transported over the same network connection, i.e. video motion detection, audio, digital inputs and outputs (which can be used, for example, to trigger alarms or turn on lights), serial port(s) for serial data or control of pan/tilt/zoom mechanisms. Image buffers within a network camera can also save and send images that were collected before an alarm occurred.






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